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Iowa Authentic Learning Network: All in for Innovation

Iowa ALN: Established in 2017

In response to #futureready Iowa, Great Prairie AEA and Green Hills AEA partnered together to create a network to support area schools in the development of authentic learning experiences with area businesses, industry, and other organizations.  Our vision is to support schools in providing students the opportunity to explore their passions, engage with experts while learning and applying 21st-century skills that prepare them for their future within the PK-12 setting.


Our Goal
  • Work with local schools to provide authentic learning experiences that engage students in 21st Century Learning including collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking across multiple disciplines of learning. Check out Iowa's Universal Construct here.

  • Engage students in learning through working on authentic projects with a wide variety of potential partnerships.

  • Connect students to experts in various fields of different career pathways.

  • Allow students to network with community and business partners to gain a better understanding of community and business operations.

  • Build resiliency within our local communities.

For more information, connect with Iowa Authentic Learning Network Cofacilitators 

Stephanie Lane 

Laura Williams 

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